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AbCD: Arbitrary Coverage Design for Sequencing-based Genetic Studies

AbCD is a user friendly interface providing pre-estimated effective sample sizes, specific to each minor allele frequency (MAF) category, for designs with arbitrary coverage (0.5-30X) and sample size (20-20,000), and for four major ethnic groups (Europeans, Africans, Asians and African Americans).

If your desired design is not covered by AbCD, you will find ShotGun and DesignPlanneruseful. These two software tools were used to generate the estimates behind AbCD. ShotGun plus DesignPlanner can accommodate effective sample size estimate for any combination of high-depth and low-depth data (for example, whole genome low-depth plus exonic high-depth), or combination of sequence and genotype data (for example, whole exome sequencing plus genotyping from existing Genomewide Association Study [GWAS]).