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MaCH-Admix beta version

MaCH-Admix is a genotype imputation software that extends the capabilities of MaCH 1.0. It has incorporated a novel piecewise reference selection method to create reference panels tailored for target individual(s). This reference selection method generates better imputation quality in shorter running time. MaCH-Admix also separates model parameter estimation from imputation. The separation allows users to perform imputation with standard reference panels + pre-calibrated parameters in a data independent fashion. Alternatively, if one works with study-specific reference panels, or isolated target population, one has the option to simultaneously estimate these model parameters while performing imputation. MaCH-Admix has included many other useful options and supports VCF input files. The current version is a pre-release. For details, please refer to our tutorial.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, please e-mail Yun Li at or Eric Yi Liu at